No Mustache!

Well, maybe it was just midterm-season-induced craziness... perhaps it was time for a change. Either way, at 1:58am on Sunday, October 12, 1998 I shaved off my mustache. The picture on the right was taken the next day with a QuickCam in the Interactive Media Lab and posted on the web so that no one would have to miss the event.

Reaction was swift, and, for the most part, positive. Some of it can be found below.

What did people say?

"That's pretty momentous! (as in, your mustache's mass times its velocity must have been pretty large, in comparison, say, to the momentum of a house fly)... I propose that we all start naming dates in relation to this event: you know, year 1 A.S. or maybe A.M.S.H.M. And the Mustachian new year will be October 12[sic]"
- George Showman

"You really know how to live life on the edge, don't you? The question is, will my grandmother still think you're so cute?"
- Tyla Holmes

"Good God. I think Hell just froze over."
- Anatole Papadopoulos

Ode to Madhava
by Emily Joyce

A Revolution is starting everywhere
Gentlemen, cast off your facial hair!
At the touch of a rasor blade
Wind over lip can cascade.
Faces smooth as morning dew,
Friends have trouble recognizing you.
Hirsute no more, I gladly say:
This is a revelation Day!

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