Trip back from Ottawa after Mike & Kristen's wedding

August 25, 2002

   Some of you will remember the photo to the left, taken on the way back to Toronto from the Blue Skies Folk Festival. It's a part of a poster in a Dairy Queen advertising their decorated-for-all-occasions ice-cream cakes.

We were sort of surprised by it at the time. We stopped in Napanee again on the way back to Toronto from Mike and Kristen's wedding and, again, went to the Dairy Queen. The next photo is of what we noticed across the street.

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Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services
Quinte Detention Centre

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Naturally, Alasdair had to attempt a break-in

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Also near Napanee, Hell Holes Nature Trails, and a "Picturesque" Gallery

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Christina, evaluating paint colour samples

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