3nd Annual Cocktail Party

Cocktails on the Orient Express

Aven, Mark, and I hosted our third annual Cocktail Party on November 20, 1999. The theme? Cocktails on the Orient Express. This was our largest event ever, with an estimated 65 or so people travelling through over the course of the evening.

From left to right, Martin and Amos, both about as serious as usual.

Mike, Chris, Chris, me (Madhava), and Zach sharing a toast in the back yard.

Christina (with glimpses of Kristen, Mike's vest, Anatole, and Woganee in the background

Hilary, Kristen, and Tyla making efficient use of the couch.

Me, being thoughtfully supported by Anatole. Anatole is not, despite appearances, being held up by a tiki torch embedded in his back.

My co-hosts, Mark and Aven.

A muddle of mediaevalists. I know at least three of them; to Mark's right are Peter and then Holly.

Miriam enjoying a doorway.

Morel plotting her next move, Ellie studying something, and a close-up of Marianne's smile.

Morel and Jen comparing red dresses as a poltergeist sweeps through.

Pat, Hilary, and Kate, deep in conversation.

Tyla, but mostly George.

Zach: a man with a top hat.

The "dining car," decorated with a fan. Notice Mark's ice bowl (a bowl made of ice) on the table.

Our guestbook below a quick history of the Wagons Lits Orient Express.

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