Toronto Star Carol Sing

20 years ago, allegedly over malted beverages at Dooley's (a now-extinct pub at Yonge & Bloor), John Tuttle with colleagues Giles Bryant and Ned Hanson conceived (immaculately) the Toronto Star Carol Sing. Since then, the event has packed St. Paul's Anglican Church every Christmas season, with enthusiastic participation by the Salvation Army Band and the choirs of St. Paul's, St. Simon's, and St. James' Cathedral. This year, the Hart House Chorus had the privilege of taking part. We opened with The Angels and the Shepherds, a traditional Bohemian carol where upper and lower voices trade verses before uniting in the final refrain. Quem Pastores Laudavere followed, in a John Rutter arrangement of its well-known 14th-century German melody. Samuel Scheidt's A child is born in Bethlehem offerred a dramatic finale, with verses sung in alternating unison and 8-part harmony.

Both audiences of 2000 responded with enthusiastic applause, and indeed were active participants throughout the service. For its part, the Toronto Star featured us on the front page of their Sunday edition! [This blurb was stolen from the Chorus' Alumni Newsletter -- thanks Martin :) ]

The cover from programme from the concert.

Here's a picture of those members of the Chorus who where there that day. It was taken between the two shows. Of the two men in the centre, I'm the one on the right.

A photo that appeared on the front page of the Toronto Star the next day (Sunday, December 13th). The caption was as follows:
"Hart House Chorus leads the singing yesterday at the 20th annual Toronto Star Christmas Carol Concert at St. Paul's. For many of the 4,000 who attended it was the start of the Christmas season. Money raised goes to The Star's Santa Claus Fund."

Our conductor, John Tuttle (centre, in blue), is surprised by our camera as he does a little tippling in the church basement after the concerts.

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