Christmas Caroling and Scottish Country Dancing

The evening of December 22nd was a cold one in Ottawa and probably should have been spent entirely indoors... however, a plan is a plan, so a group of us braved the elements to bring carols to people's homes and to search for wassail punch (and, in my case, belgian waffles). Although, because of the weather (we hope), many people listened to us through their closed screen doors, most of our audiences were very enthusisatic. As usual, despite the fact that we do this just for fun, many of our carolees (well, if we're carolers...) pressed money on us so we decided to collect for the Snowsuit Fund.

Shhh! This wasn't actually on the 22nd. Here we are practicing at Aven's Solstice Party two days earlier. From left to right, Christina, Aven, Hilary, George, me, and Aven's uncle Hugh. Mark is there, but he's almost completely obscured by Hugh's wondrous suit.

Here we are, from left to right, Christina, me, Aven, Amos, Mark, and Hilary, just having returned from our caroling rounds, rosy-cheeked and ready for hot apple cider.

Here I am learning part of a Fling from Emily.

More pictures to follow soon...

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