Blue Skies 1998

Blue Skies is an annual folk music festival in Clarendon, Ontario. Always over the August 1st long weekend, it's comprised of two very full days of performances, workshops (from dawn rituals to choral singing), and activities (like the square dancing pictured below).

Here we are at Tyla's Dad's farm. Front row: me, Tyla, Edgar, Miriam. Back row: Mike (Smooth), Andrew, Amos, Julie, and Jessica.

The entire hill in front of the main stage is packed with square dancers. Here the other six of our square are dancing back and forth in front of me and Tyla.

In between square dances.

Amos and Julie showing off their novel hairstyles at the Saturday evening show.

The view from the back of Amos' antique Wiley Overland Jeep during the trip back to Toronto.

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