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Jan. 24Trial of the new Terminal 1 at Pearson International Airport.
Feb. 20The fourth annual Vodka Tasting, graciously hosted by Mark and Kamaya
Feb. 28The Hart House Chorus holds a Black-Tie Fundraiser. The Hartini is unveiled to rave reviews. Or, at least, raving.
May 20-24Trip to Los Angeles over the Victoria Day weekend. Among other things, many photos of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Getty Center.
June 12Wayne Ho and Janet Ho's wedding
June 26Emma Scully and Chris Staig's wedding
July 17Devin and Estelle's wedding party
Aug. 21Mike and Dawn's wedding
Oct. 2Barry and Megan's wedding
Feb. 7-9Photos from the Intervarsity Choral Festival 2003, hosted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario
Mar. 16Photos from an expedition down to the Distillery Historic District
Mar. 21Jen's Birthday 2003: The Hattening
Apr. 18-21Trip to Boston to see Anatole, Martin, and Marianne. Oh, and to see the city, too.
May 9-11Some photos from the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir's 20th anniversary reunion.
May 19Devin's birthday picnic on Ward's Island.
July 19Julie and Nathan's wedding
August 11-24Hart House Chorus Central European Tour.
[Most of these photos are still hideously uncaptioned. Viewer discretion is advised.]
October 31The Harry Potter-themed Hart House Committee's Dinner 2003
Nov. 8-9The Chorus' annual rehearsal weekend at the Hart House Farm
Nov. 15The seventh annual 711 Crawford Cocktail Party - Moulin Rouge
Other people's party photos: [ Anatole Papadopoulos | Amos Hayes | Mike Dobbin | Mehmet Karman ]
Dec. 20Bruce and Anabel's wedding
Dec. 31New Year's 2003, hosted by Barry and Megan in Markham
Dec. 28 - Jan. 13Photos taken by a friend during our snowshoe trek in Switzerland.
July 1Canada Day 2002 -- these were taken with my new digital camera.
July 6Some photos taken around Kensington Market and the Annex. The garbage collection strike was on at the time.
July 13Cognitive Engineering Laboratory 10th Anniversary Reunion photos
August 3-5Blue Skies Music Festival 2002
August 7Rachel and Pieter's wedding
August 8-11Trip to Halifax for Andy and Jenny's wedding
August 12-18More of the trip in the Altantic provinces -- the Fay's cottage and Newfoundland
August 24Mike and Kristen's wedding
August 25The trip back from Mike and Kristen's wedding. Some questions were answered and some tourist sites appreciated.
Sept. 14-15Some photos from Stratford, Ontario
October 5Climbing at Rock Oasis with Mike and Tyla
October 13Amos' new motorcycle over Thanksgiving weekend.
October 19The wedding of Theresa Enros to Steve Childs
Nov. 16The Sixth Annual Black-Tie Cocktail Party: Cocktail Cruise.
Dec. 21 - Jan. 1 (2003)Photos from over my 2002 Christmas holidays, including New Year's.
Nov. 10Photos from the 5th Annual Cocktail Party: Casino!
March 21These pictures of the Hart House Chorus in rehearsal were taken just before our Spring 1999 Concert.
November 20Cocktails on the Orient Express, our third annual cocktail party and, arguably (but don't you dare) our best yet. Spectacular hors d'oevres, fancy dress, and a cast of thousands...
January 8-10Ice Storm. The heaviest series of ice storms to hit Western Quebec/Eastern Ontario in recorded history splintered trees, crumpled steel hydro-towers, and cut power lines and other utilities from Montreal to further south than Ottawa over these couple of days. Meanwhile, in Toronto, it drizzled. Not that I'm complaining. Here are some pictures my parents took of our neighborhood in Ottawa on one of their disaster surveys.
August 1-3Blue Skies 1998 was, as usual, over the August 1st long weekend. Here are some pictures from the festival and from the trip back in Amos' jeep.
October 18No mustache! On October 18, delerious with midterm stress (and being egged on by my roomates) I shaved off my mustache. Here are the results.
October ??A photo from the Chorus' fall 1998 rehearsal/social weekend at the Hart House Farm.
November 14Aven, Mark, and my 2nd Annual Cocktail Party was an even larger event than the first one. The theme this time was The Golden Age of Hollywood, although Black Tie garb was perfectly acceptable as well.
December 12The Toronto Star Carol Sing.
December 22The evening of the 22nd was spent first caroling and then "learning" some Scottish country dances from our in-house experts, Emily and Christina. I'll learn to fling yet.
December 27Here are some photos of family from a dinner at my Grandmother's on Boxing Day. They were taken in the evening with my uncle's digital camera, emailed to me later in the evening, and now put on-line just as the 28th is beginning. Scary.
July 1Canada Day 1997: Here are photos from the audience's perspective at Unisong 1997 (youth choirs from all provinces and territories of Canada - I was singing as an alumnus of the Ottawa Regional Youth Choir), and of me and my friends as we watched the Canada Day afternoon/evening show on Parliament Hill.
July 3Canada Day Hat 1997. Every year I try to get a new hat on Canada Day; this year's looks like it was made with left-over material. I wore it in to work and we took a picture with the camera on top of an SGI Indy. Er, about the Chicken Producers of Canada thing... it's a long story.
October 31Hallowe'en. My housemates and I had a Hallowe'en party this year. The first photo is of me in my Spam costume (yes, that is my weight in ounces in the lower left-hand corner of the label). Amos has some more pictures of the party (and of himself as Austin Powers) in his photo album.
Dec. 25 - Jan. 1Christmas Holidays, 1996. Most of these were actually taken on New Year's Eve, I think. This page was put up soon after the film was developed, which explains why it doesn't really fit with the look of the rest of my site. The photos were scanned with my Logitech 256 level greyscale handheld scanner.
Summer?A photo from a camping trip. This was the first photo I ever put online, some time in 1995, I think. The HTML document it's set in dates back to 1996 -- its introductory text suggests the things to come.