May 25, 2012

Here's a thing that would be awesome

Here's a conversation I just had in IRC. Is anyone interested in building this?

madhava:   hey
madhava:   would anyone like to build me an addon where when I enter some hotkey combination
madhava:   will bring up some sort of HUD awesomebar
madhava:   that I can search through
madhava:   and then when I hit enter it will insert the matching URL in my current textfield
madhava:   or put it in the copy buffer?
madhava:   I reference a lot of URLs in emails and bugs
dietrich:   quickfind-that-url. that'd be nice.
madhava:   and I have to open a new tab, use the awesomebar, select, copy, switch back, paste
madhava:   dietrich: yeah
mitchell:   history viewer?
madhava:   mitchell: sort of -- but too heavyweight
dietrich:   i do the same thing. have to navigate open tabs, all kinds of crap to find a url.
madhava:   in some ways, even a dropdown as soon as I type http:// would do it
madhava:   like in a IDE
madhava:   but then I'd have to type http
mitchell:   I just begin typing the url to have it come up, hit down, hit right, hit ctrl a, ctrl c
dietrich:   all the pieces are there for doing this
dietrich:   it works even with open tabs
dolske:   sounds like dietrich knows how to do this... ;)
dietrich:   hotkeys + panel + Awesomebar sarch (from
dietrich:   dietrich cannot do this :)
madhava:   maybe I'll blog this
dietrich:   jono and gozala and i were just lamenting the lack of Ubiquity, which could easily do this :(
mitchell:   what is hot key / hotkeys?
dietrich:   mitchell: jetpack build-in api for registring keyboard combos with function callbacks
mitchell:   dietrich: thx.  mind sending link to api doc?
madhava:   ok - dietrich, mitchell, dolske - I'm more or less going to paste this conversation into a blog post
madhava:   any of you want to be anonymous?
dietrich:   clipboard api is the final piece, and that's built-in too
mitchell:   I don't mind my nick going in
mitchell:   dietrich: that's what I wanted to find out
dietrich:   anonymity is for the anonymous
dietrich:   this is a public channel, it's too late!

If you are, you can email me , or @madhava on Twitter.

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May 01, 2012

Meanwhile, in Firefox User-Experience

It's been a few months now since we merged the mobile and desktop Firefox user-experience teams into one supercharged all-platform Firefox design juggernaut (in the good sense). In that time, we've been hard at work digging into the next set of features and improvements, as well as pursuing one of our major goals for the year: getting Firefox to feel more like one product — more Firefoxy — across all our platforms, desktop to tablet to phone.

I presented an overview of what we're working on at the Firefox Toronto Workweek last week. Here are the slides (and a direct link, just in case). I had a fair bit to say about them, so I'll be posting a video of the talk soon, but the mockups and wireframes in the slides are too awesome to wait. The team will be posting about each of these projects, individually, in more depth.

Ux overview fxworkweek_april2012
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This presentation makes reference to the Kilimanjaro project, a set of short-term priorities around integrating the browser and ecosystem projects (identity, apps, marketplace) that Mozilla is working on right now. You can learn about it on the Kilimanjaro wiki page.

Many thanks to the team (see slide 2!) for all their hard work.

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