February 13, 2008

Faster, add-ons, faster!

Now that Firefox 3 Beta 3 has been released, wide-eyed but confident, into the wild, I'm eagerly waiting for people to start trying out the new Get Add-ons pane, and for the feedback to start streaming in from an even broader group than our intrepid nightly-testers. The first impressions that I've seen so far seem to run to positive - these from eWeek and ars technica, for example. Please try it out and opine! How can you resist when it so clearly wants the best for you:

Compatible recommendations in Beta 3!

Laura's written an interesting post about her work on the AMO API, in which she talks about the its current state and where it's heading. One thing I'd like to point out is that some of the performance optimizations she mentions — for recommendations and search results — should be going in any day now. More performance improvements, related specifically to search, are to follow soon. Optimization is on the march!

Please leave comments here, or, better, join the discussion over in dev.apps.firefox.

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