March 25, 2007

In a Brooklyn state of mind

Two weekends ago, we went to New York, stayed with George in Brooklyn Heights, and met up with Anatole and Miriam for a mini-vacation. Surprisingly, I took some pictures -- here are my favourites:

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March 19, 2007

A Bevy of Swans

There were actually only two swans, and I'm not sure if that's enough to properly constitute a bevy, but I certainly took a lot of swan photos. Too many, you might argue. But, then, you'd be speaking aloud to your computer screen, so I'd be well ahead in the overall disagreement.

Sorry. Back on topic. I went down to Harbourfront on Sunday afternoon to take some pictures. I'm quite happy with this set, never mind the high swan content.

I've also been trying out a new flash-based photo display system (yes, another) called SimpleViewer. Have a look at this set in SimpleViewer and let me know what you think.

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March 06, 2007

A place where two things join or meet

Jay and Rannie assembled a couple of us Canon camera-users to go on a photo walk this past Saturday in a Toronto neighborhood called The Junction. My Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) is in for repairs right now, so I rented a Digital Rebel XTi from Vistek for the weekend and used my Canon EF 28-135mm lens.

Here's what I ended up with (as a Flickr slideshow, if you prefer):

Here's Jay's set from the outing, and Rannie's start here. I especially like this shot of Rannie's, of me, Will, and Jay in our unintentional uniform.

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March 05, 2007

Okanagan Valley

After the Event at the beginning of November, Kate and I spent a week in and around Kelowna, B.C., driving down as far as Oliver to go to Burrowing Owl. Here are some photos:

Or, you can go directly to the Okanagan Valley set in Flickr. Same photos, though.

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