February 26, 2007

Learning to share

Kind of late in the game, I'm starting to play in earnest with Flickr. I'm still turned off by their lack of support for customization of the pages in which the photos are displayed, which is why, so far, I've opted instead for hosting my own gallery wherein things can be exactly as I want them. The ease of sharing that comes with Flickr, though, is getting very tempting.

I just found a flash app called PictoBrowser that lets you embed a little browser of your Flickr photos in another page, such as a blog, simply by cutting and pasting a URL. You can choose one of your photo sets (albums), photos correstponding to a set of descriptive tags, or photo group for display. It's pretty compelling. Here's a set I already had in Flickr, so you may have already seen it, displayed through PictoBrowser:

More of this to come, perhaps.

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February 16, 2007

Some Selected Stuffs

I was just over at J-Town, a Japanese mall near where I work, getting some lunch. While I was waiting, I wandered through their grocery store and spotted these:


Now, I've had these jellies before, and they're excellent — apparently they're relatively good for you, too. But what caught my eye and prompted me to buy them was the description, which made me suddenly and disproportionately happy:


Enjoy your happy times with this Jelly. I will. Oh, I will.

Update: Of course, now I feel a little sick. But it's a happy sick.

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February 02, 2007

Float like a butterfly

Off to Waterloo this evening for a show and CD release party by my cousin Zubin's band, PrizeFighter. The new album is called Come Hell or High Water. Zubin wrote the songs, sings lead vocals, plays the guitar and piano, and arranged the strings, amongst other things.

Have a listen!

Surprised there's nothing about public transit in this post? Here's a little vintage Sesame Street to keep you thinking about subways.

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