June 27, 2006

house * (opera + open)

Some ill-advised mid-evening coffee, and I'm up at 1:25am posting photos. Anyway, Toronto's new opera house, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts was having opens house last weekend, and we went on Sunday morning.

Is that David Bowie, upside-down?

We had an urgent Dim Sum appointment later in the morning, so I couldn't stay to take as many photos as I'd have liked, but you can find what I managed to snap in the appropriate gallery.

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June 19, 2006

New Gallery

This is a long time coming.

Some of you — shallow learning-curve optimists, I tenderly call you — occasionally load up my online photo album only to recoil, soaked to the bone with blinding fury, when you find that I have not updated it since October 2004. Others of you have not noticed. I realized at that time that the system I was using to post photos — hand building photo pages and a index for them — required more tedium-enduring effort than I could casually muster for the number of photos I was taking. I automated the photo-page bulding process and cut out the overall gallery indexing by menioning each new shoot's-worth only on this blog, but this wasn't a great solution.

This is all by way of introducing a new purpose for your eyes; I've spent the last month or so seting up a new gallery system named, in a fit of hyperbole, Gallery2, which should help me assemble galleries more quickly and provide better overall structure.

Mostly, you'll notice that it looks different and is in a different location:

Old Photo AlbumNew Photo Gallery

Also, you should be able to comment on individual photos and link to any specific photo page using a vaguely comprehensible URL. Not all of the old photos are moved over yet, nor are most captions, but they're on their way.

The first entirely new shoot to go into the new system are photos from my March 2006 trip to San Francisco:

The Bay Bridge from a hilltop, San Francisco

The full set of photos from CHI2006 is up, too.

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June 06, 2006

The Lotus-Viewers

My blog is probably one of the least likely places to find a post about or pictures of cars, but here we are nonetheless. An orange Lotus Elise was parked outside my office building for much of this afternoon. Here's the view from my window; I caught it just in time:




Lest you think that you have no idea who I am anymore, this is probably the only model of rare car that I can actually identify, due entirely to a fun ride I had in Pav's a couple of months ago.

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