May 12, 2006

Plurem porcum quam pullum

I have quite a backlog of photos to process and post. The best impetus to actually do anything about this, of course, is guilt, also known (to some) as the selfless impulse to share. The first set of photos that anyone reminded me that they'd like to see were those from the Chorus' April 2 concert. This past season was our conductor John Tuttle's 25th anniversary with the Chorus; to celebrate the occasion, choir alumni were invited to come and participate in a surprise rendition of a commissioned work by Derek Holman. The piece was a setting a favorite Tuttlism translated into latin - an exhortation to an underperforming choir section:

Consider your breakfast: bacon and eggs. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. More pig, less chicken.

Naturally, there were commemorative tshirts, which I designed.

Ruth and John

Concert attendee

Anyway, the photos are up.

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