November 25, 2005

No thanks to Flippy, I might add

As some of you assumed, I did not catch my bus that fateful August day (the 19th). Instead, while walking along Steeles, I was swept out to sea in a torrent of spray and ended up somewhere off of Newfoundland. I've spent the last three months fighting the Gulf Stream, struggling my way back to Toronto.

It's a long and highly-factual tale, filled with peril and egg-beater. I'd rather put it behind me than go through it all here; suffice it to say, not all porpoises are as helpful as you've been led to believe, and passive aggression is just as hurtful and frustrating in the north atlantic as anywhere else.

Having returned, my first thought, of course, was this blog. What's new, you ask? Well, we've joined AutoShare, and we had our orientation session on Wednesday evening, which means we're all set up to borrow cars now. They have a couple of Smart Cars and Priuses in the fleet [PDF] which is exciting, and they have a couple of locations within walking distance of us, which bodes well for this being convenient enough to stave off car purchases for a while to come. Updates as warranted.

Tonight: controller.controller

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