August 19, 2005

It's pretty wet outside

There's a very large thunderstorm going on right now — hail and everything. There are leaves swirling in the air, presumably just having been torn off of trees by the wind, and rain is moving in horizontal sheets. I'm not relishing the trip home, not having a boat. I give you Lake Steeles Ave.:

Lake Steeles Ave.

Update: 4:58pm — we just had, of all things, a fire alarm, which meant an opportunity go outside and stand around in the storm and watch for the anticipated tornados. Many people decided to go home, only to find their cars unreachable with the water level up to their windows.

Off to catch a bus.

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August 11, 2005

A litany of links

The latest harvest from the web's vast store of stuff:

  • Sadly now off limits to me: The Bacon Show. "One bacon recipe per day, every day, forever."

  • The Jelly Belly Wine Bar attempts to demystify wine flavour components through jelly beans. Readers are encouraged to
    ...taste the individual Jelly Belly beans first, to understand the different flavors associated with certain wine varietals. Then you put all of the flavors in your mouth at the same time, chew them together, and voila... you experience the wine varietal itself.
    They make use of a couple of flavours from the "Bertie Botts" line from Jelly Belly, including "buttered toast" for oak, "dirt" for terroir, and "pepper" for, presumably, pepper. [Also, here's an interesting article from the New York Times Magazine about the chemistry of well-rated wine.]

  • The largest compendium of collective nouns — ie. a murder of crows, a pod of dolphins, etc. — I've ever seen. They include a few orginals, including the excellent "a stack of librarians."

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August 02, 2005


The long awaited DVD of Clone High, season one and only, is finally available for preorder. Looks like it will be out September 20, 2005.

Do what you must, but know that you'll have to live with the decision for years to come.

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