July 14, 2004

Two promising things

Ontario's new "anti-sprawl" plan for the Golden Horseshoe has been getting some well-deserved media attention recently. For anyone who's interested, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal has a website about it. Even better, you can go straight to the discussion paper:

On a completely different topic, odds are good that you use Internet Explorer for all of your Internet needs. It turns out that there are a lot of good reasons to switch to FireFox, a new browser that traces its lineage back to Netscape. It's also pretty easy to make the switch. If you're interested, there's a new site, switch2firefox.com, that explains both the whys and the hows.

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July 06, 2004

Some parks, some recreation

I just skimmed through Our Common Grounds [PDF], the city of Toronto's Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan for 2004. If you're interested in such things, it's worth a glance.

The way we shape the greenery of the city, the way we use living things to frame and interpenetrate our buildings and roads, the way we conceive of parks has evolved like a language, like any other aspect of a human society. “Landscape,” as the innovative landscape architect Peter Latz recently explained in the New York Times Magazine, “is not the opposite of the town. Landscape is culture.” Toronto’s parks are as important to building the quality of life as our major institutions for music, theatre or visual art. It is the evocative presentation of Toronto’'s diverse cultures through parks and plantings that will draw the world'’s attention, not our capacity to make a pretty green space that mimics a London square. We want to invent our own Tuileries.

Also, Summerlicous is on right now. I went to Monsoon last night. The Summerlicious $30 dinner menu was as follows:

vine ripened tomato salad, fragrant pear in thai basil pesto
baby greens in pappadum cup with yuzu vinaigrette

pan seared halibut, crispy asian slaw in an organic miso vinaigrette
beef tenderloin medallions in schewan peppercorn jus on garlic chive mash

monsoon's mango sorbet with fresh fruit
lemon coconut and sesame financier with triple sec anglaise

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July 03, 2004

Yup, it's July

So, here's an interesting little quote:

"It is the artist who is truthful and photography which lies, for in reality time does not stop"

— Auguste Rodin

The time-not-stopping thing seems to be borne out by my having taken more than a month to caption the photos from my trip to Los Angeles. This is clearly the bottleneck in the web-album process; the photos themselves were online within days of my return.

There may be one or two to come, but, for the moment, I'm done. Enjoy, and comment if you've got somthing to say.

Last night I saw One Man Lord of the Rings, presented as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. Tonight, some jazz down at harbourfront as part of the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival.

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