June 01, 2004

What manner of flapjackery is this?

A long time with no posting, it's true. I can't deny it. It turns out that, for the moment, I just can't be bothered to write about things as they happen. Here, instead, are some interesting things you may find diverting.

OCAD atrium windows from the inside

There is a treasure-trove of links, with some good connective tissue, about the London Underground map here: Mapper's Delight.

On etymological myths: How the bee got his knees [arts.telegraph.co.uk]

Salt and pepper, Hello Toast

Some new blogs by friends who are travelling:

Typewriter keys, Coronamatic 2200

Photos from my trip to Los Angeles have been online since shortly after I returned. There are no captions yet, though, so they'll remain unlinked a little longer. Patience, gentle reader, is a virtue. Just like sloth.

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