May 10, 2004

Mieskuoro Huutajat

Emily pointed out the following from Social Studies in today's Globe and Mail:

Guy music
The town of Oulu, Finland, features the Shouting Men's Choir, 30 men in black suits shouting in harmony, reports The Age newspaper. Is it worth hearing? "On the one hand," writes Stephanie Bunbury, "they are all dressed alike, move in unison and blend their voice with precise clarity . . . But the men shout as loudly as they can and, no matter what form it takes, the very sound of yelling suggests that a brawl is imminent."

A little bit of googling revealed a lengthy article in Australia's The Age. It includes this fantastic photo:


and the even more fantastic news that a documentary about the choir, Huutajat - Screaming Men, is the first Finnish film to be accepted at Sundance, and has become the first to get international distribution.

I can't wait.

Oh, also:

"It was just an idea, very simple and easy," says Sirvio. "The concept was exactly as now; the musical part came later, but the look was there from the start."

It took six months to organise an advertisement in the newspaper that asked, simply, if anyone wanted to scream.

Update: The choir's website is at It inlcludes some, um, audio.

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May 03, 2004

Is there an idiot in the house?

Be warned — if you call someone with caller display from the courtesy phone at a certain pub, you're setting expectations for the conversation pretty low:

I'm just saying.

There are some festivals coming up:

  • CONTACT 2004, the 8th annual Toronto photography festival, began yesterday and runs until the end of the month. There are, and will be, exhibits at galleries all over the city, some public installations, and, new this year, a programme of films about photography.

  • Santé, the Bloor-Yorkville Wine Festival, runs from May 12-16. There are events all week long, but it's Saturday, May 15, that plays host to the Sip, Savour & Shop event. For the price of the $10 passport, you can spend noon-5pm tasting wines from more than 20 wineries, eating hors d'oeuvres, and wandering around Yorkville. The full guide is available here as a PDF.

Oh, and someone was asking me about what the transit connections to the new fast-ferry terminal will be. These maps explain what's being done; these are the same revised routes that will serve the Distillery District.

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