April 16, 2004

What's schadenfreude in French?

Okay, this is pretty funny.

PORT ANGELES, WA: Tom Bihn, a Port Angeles-based company that designs, manufactures and sells laptop bags, messenger bags, backpacks and briefcases, has garnered worldwide media attention this week after a Web blog posted the contents of the label sewn into most bags.

The inside label carries instructions on washing and caring for the bags. Because the bags are sold in Canada, the instructions are also printed in French. The French version, however, contains an additional phrase: "NOUS SOMMES DESOLES QUE NOTRE PRESIDENT SOIT UN IDIOT. NOUS N'AVONS PAS VOTE POUR LUI."

There's a photo here in the weblog mentioned above [spare yourself -- don't bother with the comments]. The manufacturer, Tom Bihn, has a full explanation on their website.

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April 12, 2004

The hills, it seems, are alive...

Joanne Chong and I are co-chairing the organizing committee for the 2005 incarnation of the Intervarsity Choral Festival. I’ve been tinkering with logo ideas for slightly longer than real planning has been going on, and I think I’ve got a concept I’m pretty happy with now:

It makes a little more sense if you know that the five university choirs involved are from London (UWO), Toronto (U of T), Peterborough (Trent), Kingston (Queen’s), and Ottawa (U of O), each of which is marked with a whole note on the staff and the underlying map of southern Ontario.

I’m going to build a “good” version in Illustrator soon, so, if you have comments, I’d love to hear them.

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