February 24, 2004

News from the antipodes

Anatole and Miriam are in Australia, and they're now updating their new travel weblog, Don't Shake the Koala Tree.

I've linked to in the sidebar as "Anatole & Miriam."

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February 03, 2004

We're not gonna take it...

Apparently, the new $100 bill was unveiled on January 28th; it'll go into circulation on March 17th.



The Bank of Canada's website describes the imagery on the back as follows:

A map of Canada created by Samuel de Champlain in 1632* is paired with a birchbark canoe. There is a satellite image of the country and depictions of Radarsat-1 (a satellite) and a telecommunications antenna. An excerpt from Miriam Waddington's poem, "Jacques Cartier in Toronto," and its French translation by Christine Klein-Lataud, summarizes humanity's eternal quest for discovery.

Update: This page explains the bill's security (anti-counterfeiting) features.

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