November 18, 2003

And then there were seven

The seventh annual 711 Crawford cocktail party was on Saturday. It was one of our most successful ever, I think, if the number of people who really got into the theme (Moulin Rouge) is any indication. There are photos, of course.

Oh yes, there are photos.

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November 14, 2003

And on that farm he had a...

I've got photos from the Chorus' recent rehearsal weekend at the Hart House Farm up.


They're actually mostly of people, but there are some general interest ones as well. Have a look.

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November 07, 2003


There's a new section over in the right-hand column of this page, and it's called "Coming Soon..."

I'm going to put listings for upcoming concerts that I'm involved in. Maybe I'll even advertise other people's concerts and gigs. Who knows? Well, I guess that'd be me.

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Hart House Chorus

Fall Concert
3pm, Sunday Nov. 30, 2003
Great Hall, Hart House
Works by Ravel, Willan, Handel, Bieble, Gabrielli, and others.

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U of T Christmas Carol

Dramatic reading of the Charles Dickens classic featuring the Hart House Chorus.
7:30pm, Wednesday, Dec. 10th

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November 03, 2003


The move from to is now pretty much complete. At long last.

While reading about how to do URL redirection, I came across instructions for how to make custom error pages. So, I made messages for errors 404, 401, and 403:

The file you're looking for doesn't seem to exist.
Stay calm and try again

Your password seems not to have worked.
Sorry. It's not you — it's me.

Well, that's overly melodramatic.
Still, you don't have permission to see this.
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November 02, 2003

Committee's Dinner

Hallowe'en (Friday night) happened to play host to this year's 75th Annual Dinner of the Committees of Hart House (AKA "The Committee's Dinner"). The House Committee decided to do up the already-Hogwart's-esque Great Hall in a Harry Potter theme. Here are some Chorus Committee members in their finest Pottery:

And here's a shot of the club and committee pennants hanging in the hall:

There are more Committee's Dinner photos in my photo album. Yeah, I know — they're not captioned yet. Such is life.

[2:49pm update] Ok, now they're captioned. Everyone can relax.

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