May 25, 2012

Here's a thing that would be awesome

Here's a conversation I just had in IRC. Is anyone interested in building this?

madhava:   hey
madhava:   would anyone like to build me an addon where when I enter some hotkey combination
madhava:   will bring up some sort of HUD awesomebar
madhava:   that I can search through
madhava:   and then when I hit enter it will insert the matching URL in my current textfield
madhava:   or put it in the copy buffer?
madhava:   I reference a lot of URLs in emails and bugs
dietrich:   quickfind-that-url. that'd be nice.
madhava:   and I have to open a new tab, use the awesomebar, select, copy, switch back, paste
madhava:   dietrich: yeah
mitchell:   history viewer?
madhava:   mitchell: sort of -- but too heavyweight
dietrich:   i do the same thing. have to navigate open tabs, all kinds of crap to find a url.
madhava:   in some ways, even a dropdown as soon as I type http:// would do it
madhava:   like in a IDE
madhava:   but then I'd have to type http
mitchell:   I just begin typing the url to have it come up, hit down, hit right, hit ctrl a, ctrl c
dietrich:   all the pieces are there for doing this
dietrich:   it works even with open tabs
dolske:   sounds like dietrich knows how to do this... ;)
dietrich:   hotkeys + panel + Awesomebar sarch (from
dietrich:   dietrich cannot do this :)
madhava:   maybe I'll blog this
dietrich:   jono and gozala and i were just lamenting the lack of Ubiquity, which could easily do this :(
mitchell:   what is hot key / hotkeys?
dietrich:   mitchell: jetpack build-in api for registring keyboard combos with function callbacks
mitchell:   dietrich: thx.  mind sending link to api doc?
madhava:   ok - dietrich, mitchell, dolske - I'm more or less going to paste this conversation into a blog post
madhava:   any of you want to be anonymous?
dietrich:   clipboard api is the final piece, and that's built-in too
mitchell:   I don't mind my nick going in
mitchell:   dietrich: that's what I wanted to find out
dietrich:   anonymity is for the anonymous
dietrich:   this is a public channel, it's too late!

If you are, you can email me , or @madhava on Twitter.

Posted by madhava at May 25, 2012 02:33 PM