May 21, 2010

Fennec 1.1 - Form Autocomplete

Firefox tries everywhere it can to minimize the amount you have to type; this is especially true on mobile devices, where typing is usually so much harder than on a full-scale keyboard. In Firefox 1.1 on mobile devices like the N900, we've added a finger-friendly version of something you're used to on the desktop: form field autocompletion. Using an algorithm similar to the one that powers the awesome bar, Firefox will suggest entries appropriate for the form field you're based on what you've entered before. For forms you use a lot – checking into a flight, entering your address – a single tap can replace a lot of messing around with a keyboard.



One twist that makes this even more helpful is that the Weave Browser Sync add-on will now synchronize form autocomplete data, with the result that Firefox on your mobile can help you complete forms that you've only ever worked with on your desktop computer before. With sync, you don't need to wear-in Firefox on your mobile - it can provide as much help as Firefox on your desktop system already does.

Posted by madhava at May 21, 2010 12:23 PM