April 14, 2010

Fennec 1.1 - the Site Menu

The beta release of Firefox for Maemo (Fennec) 1.1 is nearly ready for testing, and with it come some new capabilities and changes to the user-interface (though maybe you're already seen them in the nightlies). One of them that I'm really excited about is the new extended Site Menu.

On desktop Firefox, and in Fennec 1.0, tapping the site button (the one with the site's icon on it, next to the URL or page title) brings up some site identity information — you can use it to get a sense of how much Firefox knows about who you're talking to, site-wise. In the smaller mobile interface, we wanted this button to be of broader use: to be the place you go to get information about and manage your relationship with the site you're on. So, when you tap on this button in mobile Firefox 1.1, you'll see actions as well as the briefing on what's known about the site.

Certain items, like the new 1.1 feature "Save as PDF," are relevant to every page (you can use it to permanently store receipts, boarding passes, or any page you might print if you were at a desktop computer). We're always trying to save space in Fennec, though, so other items will appear depending on the site and what decisions you've made about it.

For example, addons.mozilla.com provides a search engine that I can add to the Firefox search bar, and I have a saved password for the site, so menu-items to Add Search Engine and Forget Password are each present:


Another item that will sometimes appear is Clear Site Preferences:


On popuptest.com, I've told Firefox that I always want to block popups, but I can clear that site preference here. This works for a number of other site-specific preferences as well, including automatic location sharing, storing local data, and opting to never save a password.

Finally, add-ons are starting to hook into it as well (oh, and the menu reformats itself in portrait). Readability, by Fabrice Desre, is shown here.


Posted by madhava at April 14, 2010 07:01 PM