December 15, 2009

bookmarks(desktop + mobile)

Thanks to some hard work from the Weave and Mobile teams, it's getting to be much easier to make sense of and navigate through the bookmarks that you sync between Firefox on your computer and your mobile device. Many of us usually just use the awesomebar to get at all of our synced bookmarks, but this is very useful for those times when a browse strategy is better than a search one.

You'll need a nightly build of Maemo Firefox and the most recent beta of Weave Sync to see much of this, for the moment, but now, when you open your bookmarks on your mobile, you'll see this:


Your mobile bookmarks are still at the top level of the bookmarks list, so they're close at hand, but your bookmarks from Firefox on your desktop system are in a folder at the top. When you pop it open, you get the following:


Which is the top level of your bookmarks hierarchy on the desktop. All your bookmarks, in whatever folders you've set up, are all in there!

There's more, though. When you go over to Firefox on your desktop machine, your mobile bookmarks will show up in a new top-level bucket, as seen here:


Which means that you can do more complex bookmark management, if you need to, where you have a larger screen and better keyboard.

One interesting side-effect of this better organization that I've found — I use my bookmarks toolbar on desktop Firefox mostly just for bookmarklets. With Weave Sync and this organization, they're pretty easy to find while mobile, and they work there too:


Posted by madhava at December 15, 2009 12:40 PM