October 01, 2008

Fennec at M8 - now with more UI!

As Mark Finkle posted over on his blog, milestone 8 (M8) of Fennec is out. This is an exciting time from a user-experience perspective because, along with functionality and stability improvements, this milestone brings with it the beginnings of Fennec's look and feel. In a sense, we have some UI worth playing with, evaluating, and improving.


The following are actual screenshots from an N810 running M8 rather than wireframes or pixel-perfect mockups.

A Fennec entry, with icon, in the Application Manager:

Fennec, just opened, non-full-screen:

Switched to full-screen, and on a new page. The titlebar has some more room to spread out:

As you pan down the page, the titlebar slides off the top:

Here, I'm panning past the right-hand edge of the page to get at the control strip:

Or, off the other side to see my tabs:

Less look, more feel

Of course, there's UI work, both theme and interaction-design, still very much ongoing. One critical part of the UI, the navigation screen that comes up when you tap on the titlebar, is in as of M8. It has yet to be themed, but is starting to behave as it should.

Here's that screen, filled with awesomebar-based suggestions of where you might want to go before you've even begun to type. Search engines are also in place, so you can send your search terms off to the engine of your choice with a single tap. Obviously this is still undergoing theming (to look more like this), and needs to be tweaked so that each line is taller and more finger-tappable.

And, as you begin to type, the awesomebar provides better suggestions:

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Posted by madhava at October 1, 2008 04:41 PM