September 05, 2008

Skinning the Fennec

I've been working with the talented Sean Martell (of Kit and the Firefox 2 theme fame) on taking my Fennec interaction wireframes and creating a default theme for the browser. We're trying for something that nods back in the direction of Firefox on the desktop while still striking out in a direction that's appropriate for a small-screen finger-directed device.

He's posted some of the recent work to his blog, and he'll be posting more there as we go. This is a effort still very much in progress, so please jump in with your suggestions (generally or even about specific glyphs/icons). There's a Fennec UI discussion thread ripe for contribution.

This first set takes us through some basic Fennec operation.

1. Initial page load
When a page first loads, and you're still at the top, you see a Title Bar at the top, with an identity button and a reload button. You also have access to your bookmarks.

2. Movin' on down
As you pan down the page, the Title Bar scrolls off the top. The entire screen is dedicated to web content.

3. Take a step to the right
Panning to the right of a webpage causes the Control Strip to snap elastically into place — it provides most of the primary UI, including a starring (bookmarking) button, back and forward, and access to page actions (e.g. SMS this page to a contact) and browser tools (Preferences, Add-ons, and Downloads). There's more how these sections work in the wireframes, with pixel-designed screens on their way.

4. What about the other side?
Similarly, panning off the the left of the webpage gets you to your tab area, which also snaps into place. The bottom button, on the left, creates a new tab. The idea behind the button on the right is that you should be able to pull up, via Weave, a tab that you have/had open on your desktop.

More to come!

Update: My comments are broken, so please leave your thoughts in the Google group or on Sean's post. Sorry and thanks!

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