August 13, 2008

Mobile User is Mobile

I held a session at the Firefox+ summit the other week about how user-experience design for mobile is different than for the desktop, and the ways in which some of that thinking is making it's way into Fennec. The slides from the presentation portion are finally up and available for your consumption:

The really productive part of the session, for me, was the time we spent hearing about mobile browsing use-cases from the people gathered for the session. The proof of our mobile web browser is going to be in how well it supports people as they try to live online while untethered, so really understanding these is critical. I've added my notes from that session to our page of usage scenarios; if you have ideas to add — a mobile itch that Fennec can scratch (metaphor only!) — we want to hear them.

With your indulgence (assumed!), I'm going to spend a couple of blog posts on the ideas in that presentation and about the design direction for Fennec. For starters, though, I thought I'd push further out into plain view the mockups of the Fennec UI we're building. The working designs are, and have been, on the wiki, but they can be a bit hard to find. This is where they're updated and extended as we figure things out, so have a look and let me know what you think about where we're heading.

You can leave comments here or post to the thread.

We're also trying out some experiments in opening up the Fennec design discussions, so stay tuned, and let us know whether you find this kind of thing useful.

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